Runaways Lab Theatre

Startup experimental theatre company in Chicago, IL.

Starting to build the logo and brand, they provided me with pictures and sentiments of escape, movement, and the personal evolution within running away. Our discourse brought us to the vernacular of early 21st century vagabonds, a loose alphabet of symbols used to communicate specific ideas and messages to any future passerby. Runaways Lab Theatre's logo is a symbol meaning "Get out fast" or "Hit the road quick", depending. Their alphabet's interpretive communication reflects the relative nature of their theatre experience, with the lifestyle surrounding it asserting aspects of urgency and responsiveness within the company's art making practices.

Through out media produced for Runaways Lab Theatre are visual glitch effects, specifically within it's digital media. This traditionally represents a degenerate, degrading, or lossy translation of data, tapping into the erosive quality of a vagabond lifestyle. Highlighting this visual motif also serves to reflect the improvisational, i.e. reactive, style of Runaways Lab Theatre's performance.

Specifically for 'i saw the best minds of my geration' this plays to emphasize the temporality of direct influence, and the decay of authenticity that comes with fame. While 'red death' doesn't use the sorted glitch style of the previous show; in the poster's cubist attempt to illustrate depth it creates polygonal effects not unlike glitches in 3D computer software and video games, especially on the website and animated ads.

In addition to that are posters, post cards, programs, t-shirts, and a Wordpress theme. Below is a selection of works I've produced for the company.