Nasty Mining

Bitcoin mining company including a pool and fan club

There's an undeniable edge to the 'NASTY' name and the logo's signature toxic green shades, quick strokes, and peeking composition reflect that edge. The stacked GPUs of the logo nod to early days of bitcoin mining, in which consumer-grade graphics cards were a financially viable means of processing transactions for the bitcoin network and receiving newly generated bitcoins.

For the fan club I spunoff from the GPU theme in a new perspective. Allowing me to synchronize with the original, but differentiate enough to stand on it's own. Nasty Pool's logo takes an entirely new approach, focusing on the 'output' of the mining machines through it's dripping pool metaphor. I really enjoy this design, because of how the refractions in the pool influence the type.

Most recently I was asked to design the engraved face of a 1oz silver coin. The coins themselves are not only valuable as silver, but also contain ownership of a seat within For the design, they wanted the original Nasty Mining logo to be dripping over the text 'NASTY FANS' and borrow the pool metaphor from the Nasty Pool logo.